Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Harmonics this year! All callbacks will be located in the Band Shak (near Chuck Taylor Grove) on Friday, September 28 (see map). Each callback is 20 minutes long. Supplementary music files are posted below to aid in your music learning, along with information regarding a music learning session and an ice cream social!


Congratulations to the following singers on being called back:


Nathaniel Gugel - 12:00pm

Christopher Yuan - 12:20pm

Omar El-Sabrout - 12:40pm

Kai Fox - 1:00pm

Jonathon Borja - 1:20pm

Benjamin Simon - 1:40pm

Kevin Hu - 2:00pm

Kaan Ertas - 2:20pm

Nate Lee - 2:40pm

Hemanth Kini - 3:00pm

Samantha Kim - 3:20pm

Grace Hu - 3:40pm

Alexis Lowber - 4:00pm

Almog Aybar - 4:20pm

Lauren Hinkley - 4:40pm

Gawoon Shim - 5:00pm

Sofia Avila - 5:20pm

Katie Fong - 5:40pm

HannahZoe Chua-Reyes - 6:00pm

Emily Ross - 6:20pm

Amanda Lim - 7:20pm

Sophia Kazmierowicz - 7:40pm

Alexa Thomson - 8:00pm

Kathlynn Simotas - 8:20pm

Lilly Torio - 8:40pm

Christina Li - 9:00pm

Julia Gong - 9:20pm

Elena Georgieva - 9:40pm

Alli Pope - 10:00pm

Ann Margaret Norcio - 10:20pm

Audrey Bloom - 10:40pm

Lily Liu - 11:20pm


Important: If you have a conflict with your scheduled time, please email immediately so we can reschedule and accommodate you! 


Thursday afternoon's Music Learning is in Kimball Hall Lounge, 2:00pm - 4:00pm: see map

Thursday night's Ice Cream Social will be in Gerhard Casper Quad, 7:00pm - 9:00pm: see map 


A Change in My LifePDF, MIDI, MuseScore


Right NowPDF, MIDI, MuseScore


We can't wait to hear you sing again! Good luck!