Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Harmonics this year! All callbacks will be located in the Band Shak (next to Chuck Taylor Grove) on Friday, September 26 (see map). Supplementary music files are posted below to aid in your music learning, along with information regarding a music learning session and an ice cream social. Congratulations to the following singers on being called back:

Shyamoli Sangi - 12:00pm

Peyton Limoges - 12:20pm

Noelle Chow - 12:40pm

Brook Getachew - 1:00pm

Elijah Spiegel - 1:20pm

Eli Feierabend-Peters - 1:40pm

Leif Gonzales-Kramen - 2:00pm

Joe Sponsler - 2:20pm

Cameron Cruz - 2:40pm

Elizabeth Gray - 3:00pm

Carly Steyer - 3:20pm

Lucia Simpson - 3:40pm

Kelly Devens - 4:00pm

Anastasios Angelopoulos - 4:20pm

Eleni Aneziris - 4:40pm

Aniea Essien - 5:00pm

Elena Crespo - 5:20pm

Eric Hong - 5:40pm

Bianca Yu - 6:20pm

Maya Ziv - 6:40pm

Jane Lange - 7:00pm

Nathaniel Stuart - 7:20pm

Patrick Gilligan - 7:40pm

Vincent Nicandro - 8:00pm

Annie Ng - 8:20pm

Talia Flores - 8:40pm

Vibha Puri - 9:00pm

Stephanie Campa - 9:20pm

Amelia Traylor - 9:40pm

Anna von Preyss - 10:00pm

Shannon Chiu - 10:20pm

Joss Saltzman - 10:40pm

Eric Kim - 11:00pm

Nick Kuntz - 11:20pm

Paritosh Kanoria (PK) - 11:40pm


Thursday afternoon's Music Learning is in Braun 105, 3:00pm - 5:00pm: see map

Thursday night's Ice Cream Social will be in Gerhard Casper Quad, 7:00pm - 9:00pm: see map 


Change music tracks for learning:


Right Now music tracks for learning:


We can't wait to hear you sing again! Good Luck!!