Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Harmonics this year! All callbacks will be located in the Band Shak (near Chuck Taylor Grove) on Friday, September 28 (see map). Each callback is 20 minutes long. Supplementary music files are posted below to aid in your music learning, along with information regarding a music learning session and an ice cream social!


Congratulations to the following singers on being called back:


12:00pm - Grayson Armour

12:20pm - Michael Basili

12:40pm - Joshua Chang

1:00pm - Justin Tinker

1:20pm - Victoria Chiek

1:40pm - JJ Sutton

2:00pm - Paiton Gleeson

2:20pm - Nour Mary Aissaoui

2:40pm - Mariam El Mansouri

3:00pm - Jade Nguyen

3:20pm - Sarah Verschoor

3:40pm - Aspen Stuart-Cunningham

4:00pm - Natalie Chapman

4:20pm - Mià Buhr

4:40pm - Grace Taylor

5:00pm - Rachael Lee

5:20pm - Maia Rocklin

5:40pm - Gwen Le

6:00pm - Ajay Subramanian

6:20pm - Isaac Schaider

7:00pm - Suah Cho

7:20pm - Alanna Flores

7:40pm - Johnson Song

8:00pm - Drew Vallero

8:20pm - Theo von Preyss

8:40pm - Coby Dulitzki

9:00pm - Marvin Collins

9:20pm - Joshua Buchi

9:40pm - Kyle Wang

10:00pm - Mitchell Zimmerman

10:20pm - Lauren Ramlan

10:40pm - Andy Lee

11:00pm - Uttam Shrestha

11:20pm - Johnny Rabe

11:40pm - Dongming Zhang

12:00am - Lucy Gomez


Important: If you have a conflict with your scheduled time, please email immediately so we can reschedule and accommodate you! 


Thursday afternoon's Music Learning is in Braun Music Center, Room 105, 3:00pm - 5:00pm: see map

Thursday night's Ice Cream Social will be in Gerhard Casper Quad, 7:30pm - 9:30pm: see map 


A Change in My LifePDF, MIDI, MuseScore


Right NowPDF, MIDI, MuseScore


We can't wait to hear you sing again! Good luck!