Meet the band!

Dylan Bedford

Dylan is the Business Manager of the group, hailing from the rolling foothills and sweeping vistas of Rhode Island. He enjoys long walks off of short piers, video games and supposedly dead languages. Dylan still doesn't know where he is, what he's doing with his life, or why a group of squids isn't called a squad, but ultimately he hopes to gain an exciting career in the fast-paced and highly lucrative fields of classics and the humanities. Interested in booking the Harmonics? Email Dylan at!


Kaylee Beam

Kaylee, aspiring environmental engineer and elephant lover, is so pumped to be returning as this year’s Music Director. When she's not singing or taking cat naps to catch up on sleep, she enjoys baking vegan cookies, eating sodium-laden Top Ramen, and making that perfect cup of coffee at the end of a long day. If you’re good at puns she probably loves you, but chances are you’re irrelephant otherwise! For group matters, contact her at



Zack Cinquini

Zack is this year's Financial Officer and self-proclaimed syllable scrutinizer. During the rare moments when he is not singing, you may find Zack playing board games until his fingers get numb or drawing comic strips that he thinks are actually quite clever. His love of a cappella music is second only to his passion for styling his hair into the perfect “swoosh.”





Río Padilla-Smith

Originally from California, our Performance Director Río moved at a young age to Colorado in order to train to become a Pokémon master. Unfortunately, he was unable to find any Pokémon to train and ended up returning to California in order to attend Stanford University so that he could get a real job. Nowadays, Río pursues a cappella with the Stanford Harmonics as a bass, lower bass, and lowest bass due to his voice's ability to drop like the temperature on the mountains he explored.  Besides singing, he also enjoys playing soccer, skiing, running, playing flute, swimming, talking in funny accents, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Elena Crespo

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Elena loves to read on the beach, travel to far away lands, and consume copious amounts of Mexican food.  She’s excited to join the Harmonics as a mezzo soprano and to add a cappella to her list of activities that compete with her ideal sleep schedule. When she’s not actively pursing a route to vampirism (no sleep needed) she’s probably cramming for chemistry exams like a good prospective human biology major or obsessively Pinterest-ing.



Kelly Devens

Kelly, a Virginian who is thoroughly enjoying the California weather, is a freshman interested in biomechanical engineering, sustainability, aerospace, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. Coming from a musical theatre and acting background, she is ecstatic to be joining her first a cappella group as an alto. Kelly loves discussing all things Harry Potter, watching Jeopardy and football, playing with her cat and dog, and accompanying herself with the ukulele, guitar, or piano.




Paritosh "PK" Kanoria

PK is the guy who’ll get the most competitive during game night, ask the deepest questions to people he just met, and spend the most time decorating his room. He juggles between Economics, Creative Writing and Art History classes, and has no clue how to code anything at all. Hit up PK if you want to talk about good music, good literature or culture and ethnicity – you’d probably catch him singing at the piano, writing about being international in America, or dreaming about playing cricket.



Jane Lange

A composer and rusty violinist from San Mateo, CA, Jane continues to emit high frequencies at extreme volume levels as a soprano and new member of The Harmonics. Jane is an undeclared freshman who delights in lexical ambiguity and de-lights in turning off lamps and blowing out candles. Her other loves include dance, mathematical proofs, winged mammals, and painting tiny designs on her fingernails.



Annie Ng

Annie is a freshman hailing from Hong Kong who spends her free time designing tattoos, playing the only piano song she knows repeatedly, and explaining the origins of her seemingly unidentifiable accent. She hopes to learn more about performance this year as an alto with the Harmonics while studying human rights law and psychology. Her two life missions are to memorize all of Eminem’s song lyrics and to pet every single dog in existence. 



Joss Saltzman

Coming to you all the way from Los Angeles, Joss is a classic Hollywood boy.  A former "child actor" with big dreams and astounding naïveté, he hopes to use his various miscellaneous music and foreign-language skills to become an international singer-songwriter/composer.  He is never far from friends or food (or profound existential crises).  Ever the archetypal tenor, Joss is simultaneously overconfident and insecure - but mostly just excited to be joining the Harmz family!




Benjamin Share

A sophomore and San Francisco native with a love for riddles, board games, and red pandas, Benjamin sings baritone and is psyched for another year with the Harmonics. A tentative Computer Science major with a fascination for AI, Benjamin spends all his time coding, except for the times when he’s reading the Onion, doing debate, playing Settlers of Catan, baking (eating) cookies, or singing. He also believes firmly that Dance Dance Revolution should be the national sport and that the world would be at peace if there were more puppies.



Elijah Spiegel

Elijah is a freshman and SoCal native. He falls somewhere between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and has been clinically proven to generate anxiety at levels that defy the first law of thermodynamics—scientists are still attempting to harness this unprecedented well of ennui as a renewable energy source. He is interested in languages (currently studying Hebrew and Mandarin), linguistics, and AI. He can often be seen in the library, his dorm room, or outside when the moon is high and the mighty Sagittarius grasps the light of Mars. To find him, follow the sounds of sonorous bass under dry California starlight.



Joe Sponsler

When not producing whatever syllables a cappella basses actually sing, Joe loves to prototype ideas, explore philosophy, and quench his thirst for speed. Although he someday hopes to combine all three with a focus on renewable energy and nano-catalyst enabled decarbonization, for the present he reconciles himself to the interdisciplinary major of "undeclared." After a previous life spent performing violoncello in Colorado, Joe is excited to join Harmonics and take things up a notch.



Bianca Yu

Bianca is a freshman from St. Louis who plans on studying Biomedical Engineering, French, and Tagalog. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar, jazz piano, volleyball, decorating, and crafting terribly wonderful puns. She is currently trying to learn how to bake, do a headstand, and master the art of juggling. After becoming a part of the Harmonics as a soprano, she realized just how much she loves singing with a group and is super pumped to make amazing music this year!



Past members

Leslie Abramson
Emma Petty Addams
Jennifer Aguilar
David Altman
Erin Baumann
Mike Bautista
Debarun Bhattacharjya
Austin Brown
Will Budreau
Devon Burger
Greg Campbell
Marcella White Campbell
Jace Casey
Khar Liang Chan
Sheena Chandran
Evan Chen
Loren Cheng
Chiara Cortez
Cliff Crosland
Ben Cunningham
Davin Curtis
Ben D'Angelo
Leslie Dawe
Alan De la Mora
Andrew Deeringer
Alon Devorah
Kyle Duarte
Amy DuBose
Raj Duvvuri
Karyn Easton
Allegra Echeverria
Josh Eisner
Mia Farinelli
Davey Feder
Arturo Ferrari
Chris Fesenmaier
Abigail Flowers
Zach  Foreman
Charlie Forkish
Ariel Glassman
Chris Goetz
Rocio Gonzalez
Holly Goodliffe
Sarah Grandin
Shannon Pierce Guymon
Natalie Harris
Nick Hawkins
Ken Ho
Wei Ho
Renee Hoch
George Hoffman
Julia Berkley Hoffman
Daniel Holbert
Ryan Hopkins
Kevin Huang
Pat Hurley
Katy Hyde
Teresa Ingram
Marcus Jackson
Jessica Jacobs
Charlotte Smith Jessop
Caleb Jordan
Connor Jordan
Egill Jüliusson
Yeji Jung
Preeti Kakani
Sarah Rudolph Kamp
Russell Kamp
Brian Kane
Esther Kang
Deepti Kannan
Matthew Kaufman
Lina Khoeur
Jeanie Kim
Jenn Kim
Luke Knepper
Griffin Koontz
Mark Kwon
Helena Lamb
Daria Lamberson
Bob Lantz
David Larson
Ben "Blau" Lauing
Julia Laurence


Ellen Le
Audrey Leung Lengbeyer
Christine Nguyen Lerios
Zareen Poonen Levien
Marcia Levitan
Kevan Lewis
Amy Weinberg Lieberman
Frank Lin
Kali Lindsay
Meg Aycinena Lippow
Ben Lipson
Vivian Liu
Joanna Salgado Liwanag
Erica Lozoya
Miranda Lee Lumpkin
Leo Martel
Chris Mathy
Maia McAleavey
Alyson Barham McCormick
Fiona Lawson McCrea
Kate McGrath
Kimberly Goodwin McGraw
Lillian Mecum
Jossie Medina
Lyn Mehe'ula
Alejandra Mesa
Hannah Goldie Mestel
Sarah Meyer
Elise Miller
Andrew Min
Dan Morris
Myles Morrison
Christine Olivas
James Ordner
Jackie Ou
Vicki Parikh
Eve Peters
Ryan Henderson Pilat
Jon Pilat
Gautam Raghavan
Melissa Rapp
Morgan Reed
Radhika Dasmahapatra Rible
Katherine Robertson
Matt Rubin
Sarah Rudolph
Robbie Ruelas
Dane Saksa
Brian Salomaki
Dylan Sarkisian
Jordan Sanders
Alicia McCann Sanders
Simon Shachter
Cynthia Shih
Damon Silver
Mattie Sloss
Lara Smith
Evan Smith
Jeff  Spivack
Laura Staum
Scott Stephenson
Katy Storch
Kristin Strohmeier
Chris Sun
Thaila Sundaresan
Carlyn Sylvester
Kay Takamura
Bryan Tan
Sean Tannehill
Vienna Teng
Monica Thieu
Caleb Thomas
Claire Thompson
Frank Tseng
Brittney Vasquez
Brian Walter
Sam Weyen
Melissa Wheeler
Gene Wong
Brooke Dooley Ybarra
Mike Ybarra
Lemiece Danya Zarka
Peter Zou