Meet the band!



Annie is the Business Manager of the group this year, hails from Hong Kong, and can’t go for longer than seventy-two hours at a time without dim sum. Along with majoring in Art and Anthropology, she obsesses over the fashion industry, continually tries (and fails) to figure out her real voice part, fields questions about her seemingly unidentifiable accent, is a fierce advocate for women’s rights, and designs tattoos. Her main goal in life is to pet every dog in existence. Interested in booking the Harmonics? Email Annie at!







Jane, one of this year's Music Directors, is excited to continue emitting high frequencies as a soprano with the Harmonics. She is a sophomore who wants to study computer science but doesn't want to lose herself in the vast sea of Stanford CS majors quite yet. Her love of composing music is matched by her loves of dance, mathematical proofs, and wanting to be better at writing. For group matters, contact her or Joss at







Joss is a singer-songwriter/composer from LA who is on the first step of a torturous path that will inevitably just lead him back to the City of Stars. A lover of languages, lame jokes, and late nights, he enjoys talking with friends from all over the world. Joss is currently a sophomore, and he’s incredibly excited to be a Co-Music Director this year! For group matters, contact him or Jane at








Río Padilla-Smith

Río is a junior majoring in history returning for his third year with the Stanford Harmonics. When he's not creating overly complex board games or reading 18th century naval manuals, he can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends. He is excited to be returning as Performance Director and looks forward to using what he learned last year to bring the Stanford Harmonics' choreography to the next level.










Elijah is a sophomore hailing from the exotic locale of Los Angeles suburbia who is also our Financial Officer this year. An intended philosophy and mathematics major, he can often be found running away from people who ask him what he plans to do with his education. Preliminary results indicate an ability to generate anxiety at levels that defy the first law of thermodynamics. It is theorized that there will one day be a way harness this unprecedented well of ennui as a renewable energy source. You can catch one of your own by placing a Deleuze text, KitKat bar, and a Blu-Ray copy of Silence of the Lambs underneath a large basket precariously propped up by a stick. If captured, return at your leisure to the Stanford Harmonics.







Jonathon is a freshman from snowy Michigan who still doesn't quite understand California weather. With a background in musical theatre, he is thrilled to perform with Harmonics as a bass baritone. As of yet he's undeclared, but enjoys studying Arabic and solving a good math problem. In addition to singing unintelligble syllables at low frequencies, you can find Jonathon delivering challah to his dormmates, reading in a hammock, and falling asleep while trying to read in that very same hammock.








Having flown to Stanford on the back of a mighty dragon from Connecticut, HannahZoe is excited to complete new quests with her Harmz family! When she's not exploring mystical forests, one can find her dancing, reading, baking, or trying to learn every language offered at Stanford. She is beyond delighted to be joining the group as an alto, but she would be equally delighted to discuss geopolitics, poetry, or nuclear reactions over a cup of fresh-brewed tea.









Zack is a baritone and this year's self-proclaimed syllable scrutinizer. During the rare moments when he is not singing, you may find Zack playing board games until his fingers get numb or drawing comic strips that he thinks are actually quite clever. His love of a cappella music is second only to his passion for styling his hair into the perfect “swoosh.”










Kaan is a freshman from the far away land of Turkey. When he’s not singing tenor for the Harmz or struggling through his unnecessarily wide academic interests, including philosophy, mathematics, drama and CS, one can find him reading plays and experimenting with new types and brands of coffee. If you’re ever interested in Turkish food/music, looking for someone to analyze Renaissance paintings with, or simply listen to and appreciate classic rock, he’s your go-to person.






Amanda Lim

Amanda is a freshman from Connecticut who is interested in international relations, business, and languages. Outside of singing alto in The Harmonics, she enjoys musical theater, baking copious amounts of cookies and banana bread, and eating dark chocolate. She is a die hard movie addict/popcorn consumer and cannot decide whether she is a dog or cat person.









lily liu

Usually described as the smiliest power delegate in Model UN, Lily is thrilled to join the Harmonics as a soprano this year. She grew up in a children’s choir in Beijing, but later fell in love with a cappella and musical theater. Besides singing, Lily loves traveling around the world, writing poems about puppies and psychopaths, and binge-watching Game of Thrones with her friends. Although her dream is to work for the Ministry of Magic one day, Lily hopes to start by dedicating herself to fighting for women’s rights and free speech in the muggle world.







joe sponsler

When not producing whatever syllables basses actually sing, Joe loves to prototype ideas, cook food, and quench his thirst for speed. Although he someday hopes to find a major, for the present he entertains himself by completing engineering pre-requisites and learning Spanish. After a previous life spent performing on violoncello in Colorado, Joe is excited to spend his next one performing with Harmonics.










Hailing from St. Louis, Bianca is a sophomore studying bioengineering, computer science, Filipino, and French. In her free time, you can find her juggling, frolicking in the aisles of Trader Joe's, scaring her roommate, drinking boba (0% ice and 30% sweetness please), taking Buzzfeed quizzes, or thinking of the world's most amazing puns. She'd like to get better at cooking, but just doesn't have enough thyme. Bianca is currently in love with all the 7th chords and also believes that the key to success is B major. She is super excited to be in the Harmonics again this year and to make more music with this talented group!








Almog, discernable from any distance by virtue of her infamous Green Day t-shirt, is an 80’s rock fanatic with an interest in logic and math philosophy. An Israeli-born Las Vegan, she is thrilled to be retiring from her career as a poker star and professional savage in order to contribute her “smoky” voice and personality to the Stanford Harmonics. In her free time, Almog enjoys worshipping Nirvana, smashing pumpkins, and singing the same note many times in a row prior to nailing a crazy key change.





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